We Already Know Camping, But What About Glamping?


Sleeping in a tent, “breakfast in the grass,” relaxing in the nature. Does it sound too normal? It doesn’t have to when the camping becomes glamping.

You don’t need to be typical holidaymakers or tourists during the summer. Longer days and nice weather lure out to enjoy new experiences. Karolína Ducká from Slovakia Travel confirms that people are looking for adventure. “Today, as tourists, we are already more aware of the different forms of travel. We’re more demanding. Nowadays the fast pace of life forces us to find time to relax. The ideal choice is also accommodation in nature while maintaining a high standard.”

And that already sounds like a description of camping combined with a certain luxury, the so-called glamping. “The blend of the words luxury and camping is new. Today, experience tourism is very popular. We can even say people expect that with every trip,” comments Ducká about the essence of glamping.


Compared to other countries, Slovakia still does have some gaps. However, she also emphasizes that in Slovakia we already know the possibilities of this form of accommodation and they are developing. “Glamping has great potential in terms of its contribution to tourism. It will help attract tourists and consequently promote ‘the influx.’ This means increasing tourism will contribute to our economy.”

Glamping is something unique. And we, as tourists, are often looking for originality. For us, creativity is also engaged in accommodation capacities. We can also sleep in the castle, in a wooden hut as if removed from the open-air museum, or even on the top of the tree. How about a luxury tent? Equipped like a hotel room?

“Glamping is designed for all ages, for all types of tourists. From a family stay to the exclusive ones sought after by demanding tourists. It offers a combination of safety, luxury or, let’s say, a certain standard of accommodation. But it also brings something new. an experience.”

Even Slovakia Travel they are convinced that Slovakia has the potential for this alternative accommodation. Let us say that Slovak nature is asking for it. Increased interest can be an impulse for expanding these capacities in our country. It is a new, desired form of accommodation that brings fresh air to tourism.


And where else should glamping be popular, if not in the nature of the unique Banská Štiavnica?  The ForRest Glamping agrees with Slovakia Travel. Their project is simply to give today’s busy lifestyle a break. Give the visitor a place to stop and draw energy directly from nature. “We offer plenty of options for how and where to relax. Whether it’s morning yoga at Lake Počúvadlo or just lying in a hammock and reading your favorite book. We want every client to leave satisfied, relieved from everyday duties, and full of experiences,” explains the Banská Štiavnica glamping team.


They emphasize that it is a concept of accommodation, where the comfort of the hotel is combined with the adventure of camping in nature. “We are located in the heart of beautiful Stiavnica nature. There are a lot of activities connected with it, from cycling, hiking to the top of Sitno, swimming in the surrounding ponds, or walking through the romantic streets of Banská Štiavnica. Additionally, you can also spend time in the area in various ways. We have a playground. The cabins have outdoor fireplaces for an evening barbecue. The feeling of luxury and relaxation is complemented by hot tubs. It is best to combine such rest with a glass of tasty wine, which comes from local suppliers.”

The cabins are open all year round so you can enjoy both the summer and winter holidays there. This type of accommodation counts for a family with children, a romantic couple, or a group of colleagues in teambuilding.

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: ForRest Glamping, Banská Štiavnica