A Stylish Staircases for Every Interior


A staircase is undoubtedly an essential part of any place with multiple floors.

Although it is mainly a functional and conspicuous element of the dwelling, the aesthetic function is important too. Since it is a visible element, it should be overall compatible with the space, but at the same time completely safe. Here are some stylish staircases that stand out in every interior!

Wood Never Gets Old

StaircaseWood is the most common material in our dwellings. A wooden staircase is a great choice for people who are not influenced by current trends and will use the staircase for many years. A wooden staircase is a classic that never goes out of fashion. Yet, unlike other materials, wood can lose its attractiveness after years of use. However, with the correct maintenance and painting, you can easily restore their original face. In addition to the classic wooden railing, you can also choose a metal one that will stand out. Currently, the trend for railings is also the use of different color combinations of wood together. The railing will not look boring and the wooden stairs will gain their specific character.

Space Saving

If you need to place a staircase, but at the same time save space, a spiral staircase will do. It does not need as much space as other types and thus effectively saves room. However, not every person can be comfortable with such a staircase. Families with children or elderly should choose a traditional staircase, as going up a spiral one is a bit more complicated.


Glass Beauty

Lovers of clean lines and elegance will surely delight in the spectacular glass staircase, which feels spacious and airy, and becomes a gem of every interior. However, for people with a fear of heights, glass stairs are not recommended, as they can even make some people feel dizzy. They are also more difficult to maintain, as dirt or fingerprints are more often seen on the glass surface.

The Highlight

StaircaseDue to its size, the staircase is undoubtedly an unmistakable o part of every dwelling. Households with generous spaces can fit an L-shaped or U-shaped staircase. However, simple flat stairs also look very attractive. When choosing such stairs, one should also keep in mind the railing, which may or may not be placed on the stairs. However, for more safety, a handrail is recommended. Nowadays, lights, which illuminate the way up or down the stairs during the evening or at night, are becoming popular.

Text: Michaela Miňová, photo: unsplash.com