Fell in Love with the Rock Style


This fall’s fashion is going to be pretty bold and rough. It will arrive with an unexpected rock spirit. Female designs alternate tassels, studded accessories, and leather materials. The rock style will revive even the most boring fall!

In the Leather

A leather jacket should be basic apparel in every woman’s fall wardrobe. This season, however, is enriched with distinctive studs, spiky elements, or metal buckles. The rebellious mood is also enhanced by tassels, which are typical, especially for classic biker jackets. Decorative studs are also applied on jeans and look great in combination with trendy torn parts on the thighs or knees. In addition to jeans, you can also combine leather or plaid trousers with a leather jacket to create an unmissable rock look.


Glam Rock

Heavy leather materials or metal applications on clothes are typical for rock style. However, if it is too harsh for you, match it with more gentle feminine materials. Fine materials such as lace, silk, or linen do not correspond with rock style at first glance, but the opposite is true.  They are a great choice if you want to bring a bit of feminine and elegant style to rock fashion. Sequins or shimmer will accentuate feminity and glam in a rock outfit.

A Touch of Gothic

StyleDark colors, heavy materials such as velvet, leather, or glitter applications. Gothic has its honorary place in rock fashion. A touch of Gothic style is also getting to the catwalks this fall, but the distinctive prints on the clothes are replacing the lace details. Skulls and large crosses are in again. You can also emphasize the Gothic style with corsets or refined lace accessories. However, choose them for the evening rather than for everyday wear. Underline the rough outfit with even more extravagant makeup. Bold eyeliner and lipstick in a rich red or burgundy shade will be just a cherry on top of the entire Gothic look.

Rock Style Accessories

StyleDressed head to toe in black and leather is not the right thing for you? So pick just the accessories with a touch of rock. An excellent choice for dry fall is still popular platform boots. You can choose them in the classic black color, but they also stand out in the outfit in the white or beige shade. Chains on T-shirts or pants will bring a touch of rebellion. As well as a handbag with studs, a headband with spikes, and massive metal earrings.

Text: Michaela Miňová, photo: unsplash.com, pexels.com