Exclusive Delight


Your Private Barista 

Meet the master of preparing excellent espresso and fluffy milk cappuccino, the Orava ES-300 espresso machine. It perfectly understands what coffee is and is designed to take into account all factors for a perfect result when preparing espresso. It has 15 bar pressure, an easily removable 1.6-liter water container for keeping liquids fresh, and a lever for inserting the ground variety of fine coffee as professional coffee machines. It can conjure up a golden creamy foam on an expresso, which gives it a rich taste and a captivating aroma. Thanks to the froth nozzle, it can also easily handle the preparation of a gourmet cappuccino. Pre-heated coffee cups are a matter of course. Thanks to the light indicator of preparation and operation, you will know exactly how many steps it takes to have your first delicious sip. Orava ES-300 is the star of this year’s Christmas. OMC: 119 €. www.orava.eu


The Right One – Both for Christmas and as a Gift 

The help of the multifunctional food processor is priceless when cooking and baking. It becomes a genuine chef in your kitchen, ready for cooking assignments, with great power and plenty of features. Let’s meet the multifunctional kitchen robot Orava Chef-2. It boasts 1,400 W, six speeds, and Pulse mode. It mixes, whips, stirs, and kneads dough using planetary technology, grits, slices, produces smoothies, grinds meat, fills Slovak sausages and exotic kebbe, produces Italian pasta, and in express time it will help you in cutting small Christmas pastries thanks to a handy template. It is made of highly durable materials, so it becomes a family treasure inherited from generation to generation. It is also a great tip for a Christmas gift. OMC: 329 €. www.orava.eu


Being a Master Baker Is Fun 

Forget semi-finished products and treat yourself to delicious sandwiches and baguettes baked in your home oven! Beautiful crispy crust with fluffy, aromatic bread crumbs is a solid reason to be attracted and motivated to become a master baker. Thanks to the ceramic mold for five mini baguettes measuring 39 x 23 x 10.5 cm by the prestigious Burgundy Emile Henry, it is a piece of cake. You can season each piece of pastry with whatever you like: add some seeds, nuts, olives, or dried fruits or vegetables. Baking breakfast delicacies and wine delicacies will surely amuse you.

Available in various colors, including garnet shade in Potten & Pannen – Staněk in NC Central Bratislava and the e-shop www.pottenpannen.sk

Emile Henry

Exclusive Delight for Tea Lovers 

The limited edition of Kusmi Tea symbolizes a long tradition and 155 years of living history. Black Organic Tea Tsarevna Bio flavored with orange, vanilla, and pepper is based on the original recipe. It is packed in a beautiful metal jar, which is this year shrouded in a festive red and gold color reminiscent of the luxury hotel lobby. Premium tea can be purchased separately or in a gift package with a thermos in Potten & Pannen – Staněk in NC Central Bratislava and the e-shop www.pottenpannen.sk

Kusmi Tea