A Tip for a Gorgeous Gift for All Lovers of Spas and Relaxation


Secrets de Sothys
Premium Face Box is one of the most popular Christmas boxes to enter the Sothys Christmas offer. Discover sensuality and perfection in skin care with La Créme Premium rejuvenating cream (50 ml), designed for those who treasure beauty as the most precious secret. It also comes with La Créme Premium rejuvenating eye and lip cream (15 ml) in a beautiful golden Christmas package. Get an extra gift – Christmas glowing kit. www.sothys.sk

Secrets de Sothys

Santal Noir

Santal Noir

Santal wood has never been sexier! The spicy notes of cardamom, rare saffron, nutmeg, and tender almonds embraced by hot ginger elevate this unisex fragrance to the pinnacle of perfumery. The heart of Santal Noir blossoms with violet, iris, and lotus flower intertwined with citrus notes of tangerine and orange. The base tones subdued velvet leather, papyrus, solid cedar wood, Baltic amber, tonka bean, guayule, and aphrodisiac musk. It is a sophisticated perfume par excellence, leaving a lasting impression with a touch of nobility. Exceptionally durable and ingeniously combined body perfumes from the fragrant world of LUMINIA adapt to each skin individually and define your personality. LUMINIA also offers unique natural scented candles in hand-blown Bohemia Crystal, interior diffusers, or essential oils for aroma lamps. Authentic fragrances evoke a sensual atmosphere, stimulate the body or relax your mind. www.luminia.com

Bubble Bath Balls

The period of warm fragrance baths is at the door, and the Czech brand Manufaktura presents a new product for relaxing moments. Enjoy a home bath with the new 2in1 bubble bath balls. You can choose from 3 popular fragrances – Lavender, Meadow, and Daisy. They contain a high proportion of valuable natural butter (cocoa, shea, apricot, and almond), essential lavender oil, a protective anti-pollution complex of Czech and Slovak herbs, extract of daisies, and regenerative Karlovy Vary mineral salt. The 2in1 effect saves time – it ensures a relaxing bath and creamy skin care. They soften, moisturize, nourish and scent the skin. 2in1 bubble bath bombs contain a high percentage of natural ingredients (up to 98.7%), are produced in the Czech Republic, and are not tested on animals. They are suitable for vegans. They possess beautiful herbal and floral fragrances. You can get them in gift packaging. This is a tip for a gorgeous gift for all lovers of spas and relaxation!

The period of warm fragrance baths is at the door, and the Czech brand Manufaktura presents a new product for relaxing moments
Wind Flowers by the

Wind Flowers by the
French-English brand of perfumes Creed seems to be more familiar to fans of niche perfumes. It was founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed. His first customers included the Count of Orsay, Queen Victoria, and Empress Eugenie. Wind Flowers perfume will delight any lady who likes white floral fragrances. Let yourself be carried away by the freshness of the scent of peaches and orange blossoms as if time had stopped. The breeze rises and waves the dress of a dancer who, gracefully dancing to the heart of the flower garden, embraces jasmine and tuberose. The delicate scent of the rose spreads to the rhythm of the ballerina’s hand movements, combining lightness and finesse. Santal wood and musk intertwine with their final steps and provide the perfect balance.

Text: Miriam Bartošová, Daniel Košťál, photo: Sothys, Manufaktura, Luminia, noseparis.com