Greening of Vessels


Electric or hybrid propulsion is also being promoted in various vessels. Still, the concepts of different aircraft manufacturers are also making significant progress.

The report touching on the brand Cupra is exciting. It has started cooperation with De Antonio Yachts (based in Barcelona) – the result of their development activities is D28 Formentor e-HYBRID.

Including Electrification

The yacht’s name indicates that the craft D28 Formentor with hybrid technology has reached a different position. It has become a vessel that can, if necessary, move without emissions in waters where this type of propulsion is welcome or even necessary. The design of the high-performance yacht is given an eye-catching character in a new color called Graphene Grey.

The D28 Formentor e-HYBRID yacht was inspired by the stylishness of the Cupra Formentor.

Cooperation Beginnings

Both Cupra and the designer yacht company presented a 2020 model boat with a maximum power of 294 kW (400 hp), which developed a top speed of 40 knots (74 km/h).

Stylists breathed a design with straight lines, dynamic character, and unconventional color into an 8-meter boat. To make the hull stand out from the outside, it received a shade of Petrol Blue, which is typical for Cupra Formentor cars. There is also a shade of Graphene Grey, again taken from the above model. Several black accents were also added, and carbon fibers were used along with several characteristic elements. The deck is equipped with synthetic teak wood and grey upholstery.

The hull has a basic shade of Petrol Blue, complemented by black accessories; carbon fibers were used along with several characteristic elements.

Antonino Labate, Global Director of Strategy, Business Development, and Operations at Cupra, said: “We love bringing our ideas to other areas. De Antonio is the perfect partner to be an unconventional challenger in a completely different environment at sea. We are now taking the next step with the hybrid version of the D28 Formentor, which will be officially introduced to the public at the beginning of 2023.”

The yacht’s design shows that both companies were inspired by the style of the Cupra Formentor crossover. And now, it’s time to add modern electrification.

The deck is equipped with synthetic teak wood and grey upholstery. The vessel was established in cooperation between the Spanish companies Cupra and De Antonio Yachts.

Added Value

In addition to the internal combustion engine with a maximum power of 294 kW (400 hp), two electric extension motors, each with a capacity of 15 kW (20 hp), are integrated into the drive train. Thanks to the hybrid system, this vessel can operate in either combustion, hybrid, or 100% electric mode. The D28 Formentor e-HYBRID can thus move at zero emissions in ports or lakes. In addition, this regime brings zero water pollution as well as comfortable low acoustic emissions.

Two extendable electric motors are inserted into the hybrid system, each with a power of 15 kW (20 hp). The lithium-ion battery capacity ensures a two-hour movement at a speed of 6 knots (11 km/h).

With the development of the D28 Formentor e-HYBRID, both companies are strengthening their commitment to innovation and progress towards more environmentally friendly vehicles on land and at sea. Cupra aims to create many experiences that represent the brand’s lifestyle.

Text: Peter Stano, photo: Cupra