Treat Yourself to Precious Moments with Exceptional Fragrances


Woody, spicy, floral, fruity, sweet, oriental, fresh, and citrus; countless fragrances appeal to numerous people. Get to know their genuine charms, discover the previously unknown and open the door to their lives. Take advantage of the winter and prepare an authentic sensory experience with an ecological note. How to do it?

Some people like one particular type of fragrance, and others like to vary or indulge in unusual combinations. We should create a pleasant fragrance in the places we stay frequently. Most of them are our homes, where we can feel relaxed and uplifted thanks to the ingeniously selected fragrance. However, fragrances should also find their place in workplaces or even in cars, as many of us spend a lot of time in them. The fragrances must be handled with precision. Only in this way will we achieve the expected effect. There are several proven ways how to bring scents near you. A particular choice can have the hallmark of uniqueness, elegance, high value, and originality.

“The fragrances are perfectly linked to our subconscious and memory so that the sensations we experienced when we first smelled the fragrance burst into our memory. Whenever we feel it again, the emotions of the moment come alive again, forever…” Natalia Gápľovská

Natural Scented Candles

One of the many options is natural scented candles. Burning candles evoke peace and quiet. Candles are a great addition to traditional and modern interiors. They promote the feeling of coziness and well-being. However, not every beautiful candle is good. Some of them are harmful and dangerous to your health. Candles made from paraffin, for example, tend to be sources of toxic fumes, causing several health problems due to their petroleum origin.

LUMINIA A few years ago, I decided to invent my recipe and candles, which will be unique in every detail. It took almost a year to mix our blend of pure natural waxes with a beautiful glittering structure reminiscent of fresh snow in the sun. We blend the ingredients so that the candle burns three times longer than a regular one, burns clean, and is suitable for people with allergies, asthmatics, or children,” says Natalia Gápľovská, founder of LUMINIA. She continues the family tradition founded by her uncle many years ago. Together with his son, they perfected the family recipe for the world’s unique candles. Their portfolio currently includes many fabulous fragrant candles in three sizes, body perfumes, aroma lamp oils, and interior fragrance diffusers.

All LUMINIA candles are based on coconut and apricot kernel wax. Coconut palm is one of the most ecological crops, commonly available in the wild, which doesn’t need to be chemically treated, unlike soybeans or other crops that extremely harm nature and their cultivation reduces biodiversity. Hand-picked and processed fruits give work to people in developing countries. The raw materials are extracted from the wild, not from plantations, and the waxes are processed mainly by hand in certified factories, respecting sustainability principles.


Rare Crown

The iconic, hand-blown Bohemia Crystal – clear crystal jars of pure design with a perfectly flat bottom and an upper edge – is also an essential part of LUMINIA candles. It takes two days to manufacture one glass candle holder from the LUMINIA portfolio. Six experts contribute to the perfect handcraft. Exclusive looking, beautiful shimmering wax in the glass reminds of glowing frost from the top like freshly fallen white snow. Crowned with a handmade lid with a shaped diamond, it is also an iconic addition to the interior even after burning a candle.

These candles are also attractive for their long and clean burning. “We use wicks made of natural Egyptian cotton, which allow candles to produce much more light than many others. We carefully choose them according to the size of the candle, and whether they are designed for candles for shorter or longer burning, they have different thickness and entanglement style,” comments Natália.


Fragrances from Faraway Countries

The precious essential oils and exotic spices that LUMINIA uses to perfume candles come from various parts of the world, even very distant ones. “The most popular fragrances in the summer are light and fresh. Our best-selling is White Tea & Jasmine. I combine white tea with a delicate jasmine flower spiced with a rich ylang-ylang aroma, a gentle touch of bergamot, lavender, and Provencal thyme. Then there is Fig Mediterranean, inspired by figs, freshly-cut grass, and the scent of pine needles on the Croatian coast. In the colder months, favorites are the mysterious Enigma, Santal Light, and Brandied Pear, full of the colorful taste of a juicy pear immersed in high-quality French cognac with a pinch of sweet vanilla and Brazilian cocoa,” Natália explains.

Fragrant Interior

A pleasant fragrant interior with a hallmark of luxury will help quickly conjure up fragrant aroma lamp oils or diffusers. For excellent and intensive experiences, you should opt for natural and harmless ingredients.

Although the prices of natural ingredients are significantly higher, their quality is incomparable and the scent is more pleasant,” says Natália Gápľovská, the founder of the LUMINIA brand. She recommends cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, amber, or woody fragrances that will warm you up in winter. They make you feel better, cozier, and safer.

LUMINIA The most desired fragrance is currently Santal Noir – the spicy notes of cardamom, rare saffron, nutmeg, and tender almonds embraced by hot ginger, which elevate this unisex fragrance to the pedestal of perfume art. The heart of Santal Noir blossoms with violet, iris, and lotus flower intertwined with citrus notes of tangerine and orange. The base tones subdued velvet leather, papyrus, solid cedar wood, Baltic amber, tonka bean, guayule, and aphrodisiac musk. Another choice can be Honey & Thyme – the sweet scent of honey interwoven with fresh herbs in a delicious combination with velvet sandalwood, amber, and a pinch of musk,” recommends Natália and adds that the natural essence is ideally accentuated by scented candles, which uniquely complete the atmosphere of gray winter days.

Personal Perfume

In addition to the ingenious scenting of home or workplace during the winter or other times of the year, we should not forget about ourselves and reach for a luxury perfume. The LUMINIA collection includes a diverse range of luxurious fragrances that can be enjoyed thanks to crystal candles and diffusers indoors while sensing your favorite scent all day long, thanks to unique body perfumes. LUMINIA offers a wide range of perfumes for ladies and gentlemen in elegant and practical bottles with the possibility of personalization by name or reference, thanks to which you can create the perfect personal gift.


Today, ecology and sustainability are hot topics and key concepts that accompany our daily actions. For more and more people, such a direction is crucial even if they consider a specific choice or gift of a loved one. LUMINIA has a strong environmental focus already inscribed in its DNA and presents it with several concrete steps. First, by not using paraffin, dyes, preservatives, and additives, which are significant harm to the environment. When shopping in the e-shop, they offer the possibility to choose a gift bag or a luxury gift cassette made of recycled materials that can be recycled further. In turn, burnt crystal containers encourage us to give them additional meaning or another purpose. There are a lot of tried and tested options. You can also choose to return undamaged crystal containers and perfume bottles. Their deposit price is up to 6€ per piece according to size. LUMINIA will use them again for the production of new candles and perfumes.

Opulence in Every Room

Each room can have a different scent which can also shift our perception. “For example, woody scents are suitable for living rooms, where we usually stay very often. One of the rarest and most expensive ingredients in our perfumery arsenal is agarwood, the base note of the Amber & Oud fragrance that can give a common space an atmosphere of a luxury London hotel. It is a beautiful, sophisticated scent that will most delight lovers of heavier and oriental scents. The softer Enigma features smoky teak wood, black tea, and tobacco. It is delicately spiced with rowan, clove and oriental cinnamon, ennobled with leather, musk, and a drop of patchouli. Frankincense, the festive fragrance, represents the sign of ethereal incense, Japanese Shiso leaves, sensual cardamom, and sacred Palo Santo. It is spiced with a pinch of nutmeg, wild thyme, and thyme covering the solid tones of Caribbean Amyris, oak wood, patchouli, and vetiver,” presents Natalia and adds that this fragrance can perfectly evoke a mystical festive atmosphere.


When choosing a scent for a bedroom, we should select subtle and sensual ingredients and pay attention to those that have relaxing and calming effects. Strong and fresh scents could have a counterproductive effect and interrupt us. “I recommend the Lavender & Iris candle, which calms, relieves stress, and headaches induces a pleasant sleep, and at the same time “guards” our dreams. Another great option is the purity-evoking Navona Lily, containing lily pollen with a pinch of medicinal sage, dewed with Japanese Yuzu and fresh blackcurrant leaves. The delicate floral heart of this clear fragrance enchants the flower of French lime, white tea, and a pinch of jasmine. The Honey & Thyme fragrance with wild thyme and honeydew is also suitable for the bedroom,” says Natália.

The Magic of a Personalized Gift

Enter the recipient’s name, nickname, or personal reference directly on the LUMINIA candle or perfume. Such a gift will surely surprise, enchant and please everyone you wish to honor and gift.

Text: Daniel Košťál, photo: LUMINIA