Having a Clear Strategy and Plan

Iveco BUS

The company was established by registration in the Commercial Register as a public company in 1996 as COREX v.o.s. In 2002, it changed its legal form to a limited liability company named COREX s.r.o.

The company reacted to the market demand for spare parts for KAROSA buses, which at that time were limited or unavailable and accessible in more distant locations. Gradually, the company grew, inventory and employees increased, and the market expanded from the surroundings to more distant places through the system of building lists directly at the customer, helping them to have better access to the products, thus making parts more accessible to them. For flexibility of supply, a branch in Žilina was added to the central warehouse in Vráble. Gradually, there was a demand for repairs of a larger scope of the so-called general vehicle. At the turn of millennia, in 2000, there were increasing demands for new buses, which the company took on and began selling, thus positioning itself as a full-fledged dealer of the Karosa brand produced in the neighboring country  – the Czech Republic in Vysoké Mýto.

Iveco BUS In short, the brand “Karosa.”… has transformed Irisbus -the former European manufacturer of buses and other vehicles intended for public transport. Irisbus was founded in 1999 as a joint venture between the French car manufacturer Renault and the Italian company Iveco, which is part of the larger CNH Industrial group. Irisbus later became part of the Iveco Bus Group.

Irisbus was famous for various types of buses, including urban, intercity, and tourist buses. Public transport companies and other public transport operators in Europe and elsewhere often used their vehicles.

Iveco BUS In 2013, the name Irisbus was changed to Iveco Bus, and the company continues to produce various types of buses under the new name. Iveco Bus has vehicles of multiple sizes and styles, including city buses, intercity buses, and luxury tourist buses.

2009 was a crucial year in terms of decision-making and expansion of the company. They had two main goals: acquire and operate a bus service for a major customer for two companies in two regions – SAD Trenčín and sad Žilina. Therefore, Corex provides service to this day under the subsidiary COREX SERVIS s.r.o. in the cities of Trenčín, Považská Bystrica, Ilava, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Žilina, Martin, Čadca.

Iveco BUS

When selling buses, the company always focuses on providing quality customer care and readiness to help customers choose and buy buses. When selling, having a contact for service and repair that can provide maintenance and repair services for buses can be helpful. Thus, it is also important to build and support partner service centers at the customer that require thorough training and expertise. It is also important to be informed about the latest trends in the bus industry and legislative changes.

Iveco BUS

Since the first bus was handed over, the purchasing trend has changed, altering with the growing trend; today, we can state that 2023 we handed over 400 vehicles to customers.

This growth requires flexibility, adaptability, and adjusting to new situations. The company can respond effectively to changes, use them as opportunities, and have a better chance of success. It is important to be well-informed, to have an overview of the market, and to be prepared for changes.

Iveco BUS

Business growth is often the goal of many entrepreneurs, but it also brings new challenges and responsibilities. Having a clear strategy and plan to achieve the growth goals is essential. Corex, spol. s r.o. – dealer autobusov IRISBUS IVECO www.corex.sk

Text: PR, photo: Iveco Czech Republic, a.s.