Three Checks

The chroniclers writing milestone anniversaries in the automobile industry have a reason to register one milestone this year. It's April 1993, and Škoda Auto Slovensko has been established and launched its operations in the local market. This is the most...
I'm sure we have raised a question once: why do I have a red light at the crossroads right now? Patrik Kohan, from the traffic management department in Bratislava, told us about our perceptions, modern trends in traffic management,...

A Nordic Story

Christian von Koenigsegg also joined the ranks of men who wanted to build their own superpowerful cars. The story of this man from Sweden began in 1994 when he founded the brand Koenigsegg, named after him. Today, Koenigsegg Automotive AG...
If we subtracted the "fifty" from the current year, we would come to the period of creation of the extremely successful BMW M division. The BMW AG division, BMW M GmbH, was established in 1972. It was initially named BMW...

Expecting More

Other commodities are associated with the arrival of electric vehicles, one of the important being the development and production of tires that would cope with the specific requirements of such vehicles. Let's look at this problem in general terms. One...

Greening of Vessels

Electric or hybrid propulsion is also being promoted in various vessels. Still, the concepts of different aircraft manufacturers are also making significant progress. The report touching on the brand Cupra is exciting. It has started cooperation with De Antonio Yachts...

The Great Return

The Mondial de l'Auto Paris (Paris Motor Show) was last held in 2018. The 2020 show was canceled for the covid, and we are witnessing a big return this year. Some may find the word "big" exaggerated because many brands...
Hot news

Hot News of 2022

The end of the year gives room for evaluation, so let us look briefly at what has happened on the car scene in 2022 and which new models and studies are trending now. Everything was about revealing new electric cars,...

A Small Piece

The times are changing and what characterizes the change is the retreat of car showrooms with spectacular and numerous exposures from the scene. Several manufacturers canceled their participation in Mondial de l'Auto Paris 2022, so the visitors' attention focused mainly...

Utilizing Solar Energy

More environmentally friendly electric vehicles and their technological possibilities have become part of everyday debates. However, solar energy batteries need to be charged in the main outlet. These trends are overshadowed by the efforts to obtain electricity from a natural...

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