Summer Garden Party


Warm and sunny summer days, which are for most of us desired days off, are perfect for meeting family, neighbors, or friends. A garden is an ideal place for such an event.

Summer garden gatherings can be diverse. Enjoyable time can be spent in couples with a refreshing drink or ice cream in the shade of a tree. You can organize an original garden party if you have a more spacious garden with a nice lawn. Of course, dense and rich green lawns are not a prerequisite. A cozy space for summer meetings and celebrations can also be created on the terrace, under the trees, under the pergola, near the pool, or on a small lawn next to a blooming flower bed. It is important to choose a spot where you feel best, a place that isn’t burning hot or near disturbing elements. Afternoon or, even better, evening hours are ideal for organizing a summer garden party.


What’s a Must?

A spacious table where you can place all the prepared goodies and necessary accessories. There should be a glass vase on the table, where you can put a bouquet of perennials or summer annuals, which you have grown yourself in the garden during this season. At the same time, you can show off your gardening achievements. Don’t forget the refreshing fruits: gooseberries, apricots, currants, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and others. Those from your garden taste much better, are juicier, and smell wonderful. Your guests will appreciate that for sure. Prepare a story about how you got fruit shrubs or other highlights about the cultivation. You can also use your home-grown veggies. For example, tomatoes, especially the cocktail ones, but also other varieties.

PartyIn summer, they taste extremely well and are also suitable for quick refreshment. So are cucumbers or home-grown peppers. Think also of fresh herbs, mint leaves, or lemon balm used in the preparation of original garden lemonades. Flowers and grey leaves of lavender will be used to decorate desserts and ice cream. However, herbs such as sage, basil, rosemary, or thyme, are also suitable for grilled meals and home-made summer vegetable salads. Your garden offers the best ingredients for summer goodies. In particular, treat yourself to what you like and could be of interest to your guests. Don’t forget good wine or sparkling wine, iced coffee, and chilled mineral water.


Useful Accessories

Your garden experience can be interrupted by intrusive insects. Arm yourself with fragrant plants. Lavender, spur flowers, eucalyptus, nutmeg with fragrant leaves, but also marigold can drive these unwanted participants away. All you have to do is place the pots with the plants where you plan to stay. However, you can also use scented candles that can conjure up a captivating romantic mood in the evening. Well, and when it comes to lighting, string lights are trending, but lanterns are also popular. Even without funny props, you can take original photos. Take care of the preparation of the table as well. Napkins and table mats with a floral design are excellent for a graden party. Create original areas, a small children’s area, and use fold-out chairs, hammocks, or blankets where children and pets can have fun. Complete the space with potted plants, blossoming oleanders, nutmegs, olive trees, citrus trees, or various summer annuals.

Text: Daniel Košťál, photo: Pelargonium for Europe