Live Up Your Rooms with a Glass Partition

Glass Partition

In recent years, open and bright spaces that do not look cramped have become trendy in interior design. Sometimes, we are tempted to divide the space optically. If you are wondering how to do it so that you can divide the rooms quickly and effectively, we have a solution for you!

A Timeless Solution

Would you like to have an open space and divide it so its structure is not disturbed? A glass partition in the interior can be a great and timeless solution. It is one of the most modern means of dividing space, emphasizing design and functionality. Since the glass partition is only a few millimeters thick, there will be no visual reduction in space. In addition, glass is a material that is easy to maintain and translucent, so it will provide enough light.

Glass Partition

For Every Space

The most occupied space in the interior is the living room and the kitchen. Sometimes, however, we would like to separate these two rooms. Especially if we cook and want to avoid the cooking smell entering the entire house. That’s where a glass partition can help you. However, you can also use it to separate the bedroom from a bathroom or the entrance areas from the day zone. The glass partition is widely used in office spaces, where it is used to visually separate and, above all, soundproof the space, but at the same time, people still can see what is happening around them.

Glass Partition

Glass Partitions Designs

Glass partitions are produced in various designs, so we can find colorful or sandblasted partitions besides transparent glass walls. Frost glass, used chiefly in bathrooms or offices, is popular because it offers enough privacy.

Glass Partition

Fully Functional

If you have decided on a glass partition, you are certainly wondering how to anchor it. You can choose from fixed, sliding, or even folding glass partitions. When selecting a partition, you can decide whether to pick it with or without a frame. Nowadays, the most popular is a frameless glass partition that makes the room look spacious and elegant.

Text: Michaela Miňová, photos: