Homes in English Countryside Style


With sloppy elegance, colonial motifs, and Victorian flair, such interiors are like Jane Austin’s romantic stories. Bring the charm of the English countryside to your home!

Victorian Style

The English country style suits all lovers of gentle elegance and comfort with  Victorian elements. Rooms inspired by the English countryside look cozy at first glance, yet still elegant. The interior features robust furniture with a comfortable upholstered design, and almost everything is made of wood. The living room has a large sofa with lots of soft pillows and a massive table with chairs that will make the dining area unique. An English-style bedroom always comes with a huge bed and plenty of textiles. The kitchen must have a massive kitchen unit, a sideboard, and floral fabrics.


A Romantic Kiss

There may be no country more romantic than England. Romance naturally translates into the style of living. Floral motifs clearly define the charming country style, as do cute curtains, drapes, and oil paintings found in English interiors at every turn. A fireplace will also give the room a coziness, which will warm up and create a truly romantic atmosphere.


The interior in the style of the English countryside is a sign of luxury, with colors and exciting patterns. The most common are primary colors such as white, cream, or black in combination with more pronounced shades of red, dark blue, or green. You can bring a piece of English countryside into the space with the help of patterns. Geometric patterns, horizontal stripes, and gentle flowers work great on curtains, wallpaper, or carpets. Wood can be found not only on furniture or floors but also on beams, which are often common in rural interiors.

InteriorPompous Accessories

The lavish accessories are typical in a traditional English interior. At every step, it simply breathes luxury and grandiosity. Richly decorated crystal chandeliers, gold accessories, or stone sculptures will enliven any space and give it a timeless touch. However, paintings, heavy curtains, clocks, or floor lamps also complete the room’s overall character.

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