Black Friday in ORAVE – please yourself or your loved ones with goodies at top prices

Black friday

November and discounts go hand in hand! Black Friday originated in the 1950s in America and quickly spread worldwide, attracting eager and prudent buyers.

Pay attention if you are one of those who have patiently waited for their desired product and can now enjoy it at a discounted price. Use Black Friday to get a head start on buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Whether you shop wisely or impulsively, this “holiday shopping” will undoubtedly convince you with its favorable prices.

Even the Slovak brand of electrical appliances, ORAVA, does not hesitate. It has prepared its Black Friday days for all technology enthusiasts and home comfort lovers, lasting until November 27 or while stocks last. Up to 38 products are waiting for you, with a maximum discount of up to 58%. Get enchanted by smart technical gadgets, kitchen helpers, and electrical appliances that will take care of a beautiful appearance and the thermal comfort of your home. Do not miss the opportunity to get them at a great price from the comfort of your home and treat yourself and your loved ones. Would you like to enjoy coffee from a lever coffee machine at home? Would a man need an innovative rechargeable portable bike pump? Would your mom need a handy hairdryer? Does your daughter dream of a trendy hair straightener? Would a powerful Bluetooth speaker please your teenager? On Black Friday, Orava offers you electrical appliances at great prices. They will delight the whole family when they find them under the Christmas tree.

For him – the 5-in-1 multifunctional trimmer Orava Easyone

There are up to five different handpieces for cutting hair, beard, and body hair. It works for up to 60 minutes on a single charge and consistently takes care of the perfect look of your husband, father, son, and friend. You can buy it with a 16% discount, for only €25 here.

Orava EasyoneFor her – Orava Venere-1 ultrasonic skin cleansing spatula

Perfectly clean, fresh, and healthy skin is no longer a myth. The latest technology – ultrasound – ensures that the spatula smoothly and gently cleanses the skin, removing dead cells and impurities from the pores. It provides a deep massage and beautifully illuminates the skin. It is more effective than manual cleansing and suitable for all skin types. It will also please a daughter with problematic skin or a sister with the first wrinkles on her forehead. You can buy it with a discount of up to 40%, for only 29.90 euros. here.

Orava Venere-1

For mom – Orava Steameasy handheld garment steamer

Quickly steam-iron clothes without having to disassemble the ironing board. The blouse, T-shirt, and trousers can also be ironed on a hanger. In addition, thanks to the brush handpiece, it removes odors, mites, bacteria, and viruses from clothing and home textiles at a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. You can buy this lovely gadget with a 26% discount, only for 27.90 euros. here.

Orava Steameasy

For father – nose and ear hair trimmer Orava Gladius

Baldness might come with age, but unsightly hairs grow even where we need them most. Orava Gladius removes hair from the nose and ears without tearing them out – it simply trims them. You can buy it at a 55% discount, for only 8.90 euros. here.

Orava Glaudius

For a teenager – portable Bluetooth speaker with Orava Crater-7 microphone

For listening to music and for a conference call with friends. It has clear and dynamic sound, plays for up to 10 hours on a single charge, and is splash-proof. So it may not be the biggest disaster when your teenager accidentally spills his favorite drink from a bottle on the desk. You can buy it at a 38% discount, for only 49 euros. here.

Orava Crater-7Don’t forget the Christmas baking – the Orava Chef-2 food processor.

It mixes, kneads, whips, grinds meat for meatballs and a perfect homemade hamburger, fills sausages and blood sausages, grates, and mixes; with its help, you can easily prepare genuine homemade pasta and thanks to a handy template for shaping dough –  small Christmas pastries. You will enjoy it in the pre-Christmas rush and appreciate it when cooking and baking throughout the year. Treat yourself now with a 22% discount for just €249 here.

Orava Chef-2

Dried for good health and snacking

If you are a fan of homemade food drying or would like to try this way to save food for later, you will be pleased that it is during Black Friday that Orava offers all models of its fruit, vegetable, mushroom, and herb dryers with a discount of up to 20%. Use them in the comfort of your home, dry freshly picked mushrooms from an autumn walk, rose hips for tasty tea, and apples for a healthier snack in front of the TV. Food dryers will also delight as a gift under the Christmas tree.

Orava SU-105

You can buy these and many other electrical appliances for a comfortable life, entertainment, beauty, and health from the couch at your home in the Orava e-shop