Spring Madness: Red Gems to Celebrate Spring

Red Gems to Celebrate Spring

In May, nature wakes up from hibernation and brings a beautiful palette of colors and scents. The air is filled with the sweet aroma of blooming trees, and everything seems alive and joyful. It is this time when love is hanging in the air, and the red color represents a hot fashion phenomenon.

Red is the color of life. It is stimulating and can give courage and energy. In fashion and beauty, red has its unique meaning, symbolizing passion and temperament. It is associated with the women who like bold and vivid colors and are not afraid to be in the spotlight.

If you are looking for a sophisticated accessory that will underline your personality and bring a certain nobility to your appearance, do not be afraid to bet on jewelry with red gemstones. They will win you over with captivating tones, and you will achieve the same charm as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Red Gems to Celebrate Spring

Discover the most beautiful red gems

RUBY: This gemstone, with its deep pink to deep red shades, is prominent among natural gemstones. It is even called the gem of kings. A large, brightly colored ruby is really rare and can also be of a higher value than a diamond of the same weight. Ruby is an excellent alternative to diamonds for engagement rings due to its nobility.

GARNET: A traditional gemstone associated with red, it represents a wide range of deep red shades with slightly orange undertones. Traditional jewelry from Slovak garnets can be perceived by the younger generation as too old-fashioned. At the same time, garnets offer much broader possibilities of use and fit into freshly and modernly designed jewelry.

Red Gems to Celebrate Spring

RHODOLITE: Another gem from the garnet family – rhodolite – is characterized by a remarkable shade of red with a pinkish-purple undertone. Compared to the “traditional” almandine garnet, this color gives a cooler and brighter impression. Rhodolite was discovered in North Carolina, USA, at the end of the 19th century. It was named after the pink flower of the rhododendron, which grows abundantly in this area.

RUBELLITE: Rubellite is a red variant of tourmaline, a lesser-known but enchanting gemstone. Tourmaline occurs naturally in almost all colors, including multi-colored pieces. Rubellites boast a beautiful red color that can range from purple to pink.

May, the month full of love

On the first of May, love and romance are approaching. It is an ideal opportunity to express our feelings and show love to those we adore. Of course, a beautiful bouquet can’t go wrong. However, if you are looking for something that will keep its beauty for more than a few days, jewelry made of excellent materials is an ideal choice.

We typically associate red and pink with love, which can also be easily reflected in jewelry. You have several options, and each one has something special. Women with a romantic soul will enjoy rhodolite. Its remarkable shade of red with a pinkish-purple undertone brings beautiful softness and elegance to the jewelry. If you prefer traditional pieces, bet on ruby or garnet. Regarding romance, the favorite is clear: a combination of gemstone and rose gold. This combination looks very gentle and smooth while still retaining its originality.

Red Gems to Celebrate Spring

A gemstone that light up every outfit

Red is a symbol of energy and passion. Combining authentic gold with gemstones creates a fusion that will get everyone’s attention. It is a bold color that will stand out. But it would be a shame not to give it a chance just because you don’t like the extravagant style. Experiment with different styles and combinations that give you a lively spark without absorbing the whole outfit.

You can choose jewelry that will work very gently, even with a red stone. For example, minimalist stones or chain bracelets are decent accessories that can be worn daily. Choose a necklace with a red gemstone as the central element for a distinctive and luxurious look.

Text: Lea Gürtlerová, photos: klenota.cz