The Crown Stands for Responsibility and Values

Jakub Abraham

Forget that everything is not quite right, at least for a moment. Put aside “verbal fights.” Treat yourself with a strong moment of unity and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nobility.

Perhaps this is how British thinking could be characterized in the recent Royal Horse Show. This year is more special. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the throne, the British paid tribute to the essence of their nation – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The atmosphere of the Royal Windsor Horse Show was a great visual experience, but especially a matter of the heart for life for the royalist and commentator of the British royal family of Jakub Abraham.

Jakub Abraham
Jakub Abraham

 Describing the atmosphere of the event is challenging. If you had to say some words, what would they be?

“I have long avoided describing anything as the greatest or most beautiful experience of my life. However, I think now is the time to say it. It was the greatest experience for me. From the director of the event to a close encounter with the Queen. The most accurate word I can use is – unbelievable.”

Jakub AbrahamIf we take a closer look at the production of the event, What was it about?

“The Royal Windsor Horse Show is a tradition. It’s Her Majesty’s favorite event. This time it was even more special because of the subtitle Gallop Through History – we commemorated the reign of Elizabeth II together with the history of the British monarchy since Elizabeth I Tudor. It was interesting to watch the various staged historical events. The whole atmosphere of the horse show consisted of more than six hundred horses and more than a thousand performers. They also came from former British territories, such as India. The Caribbean wasn’t missing as well. The Norwegian Royal Guard and others also presented themselves.

The responsibility of the Crown has been associated with Her Majesty Elizabeth II for an incredible 70 years. You, as a royalist, must have been captivated by many moments in “the chronicle of her reign”. But is there anything in particular that is special?

“It is difficult to choose one of the moments. Because it can be considered the ‘essence’ of the British. And maybe that’s why I see one of those special moments of her reign in coronation. It’s a commemorative moment. The moment is unrepeatable. A glamourous but not flashy moment.”

Jakub further mentioned that Her Majesty had become Queen at a young age. Naturally, she had to cope with the responsibility of the Crown, but also of her mother. It begins with the birth of Charles’ first son. The birth of Anna’s only daughter is also an important moment. A relationship with children is what Her Majesty has always cared about and cares about. “And no doubt about her relationship with her husband Philip. His death was a sad moment but at the same time a milestone for her.”

The Queen officially celebrates her birthday in June. Her Majesty also receives gifts. Does she receive any drawings or something like that from Princess Charlotte?

Elizabeth II“Surely she does. And I even think these are the most popular gifts. One of the moments is also captured in the photograph, where she and Prince Philip are still looking at such gifts on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. Of course, she also receives official gifts from representatives of various countries. They are stored at Windsor Castle. I had a chance to see them here. They are various gifts from the most valuable through traditional art objects and the like.”

 However, in addition to the experience of the royalist, Jakub perceived the difference between nationalism and patriotism. “I understand that we can love our country by being open to others.” And he enriched his thought with another perspective, this time of the British royalist: “Her Majesty is walking at the pace of the slowest man on Earth so that no one will feel slower than Her.”

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: Jakub Abrahám,