Exciting Trip or Holiday in Slovakia

Holiday in Slovakia
The Red Monastery, author: SLOVAKIA TRAVEL, Martin Šopinec

If you are looking for a tip for a holiday or weekend escapade in Slovakia, read the following lines. The team from SLOVAKIA TRAVEL told us how surprising and charming Slovakia can be.

Does it seem that you already know “your home country?” Are all tourist places too usual, and have you even been to many of them several times? Believe me, Slovakia can still surprise you! SLOVAKIA TRAVEL, the national organization for tourism promotion, has exceptional tips for you, following their motto: “Let’s slow down and discover the country.” Let’s find out what the traditional way of life is and what the local specialties taste and smell like. Let’s learn the craft and listen to history.”

Central Slovakia smells of Muránske buns and conceals art hidden in Gothic churches. The unforgettable Upper Zemplín offers a walk through thousands of old forests. In Poloniny, the Milky Way enchants you in the unique Dark-Sky Park. In Kysuce, we will find peace in the picturesque original settlements scattered in the distinctive hills, and the Little Carpathians will charm us with wine and delight with the love of winemakers for their craft.

Continue reading to discover Slovakia and its abundant regional landmarks.

Tip from the Bratislava Region: Unconventional wine tasting in Pezinok

SLOVAKIA TRAVEL recommends the Small Carpathian Museum in Pezinok to experience wine tasting, for example, in complete darkness or with music and colors. In this case, the combination of wine and chocolate is also enjoyable.

Holiday in Slovakia
A Manor house Grand Apponyi, auhor: Dajama

Tip from the Nitra Region: A manor house that tells multiple stories

The hotel has a 17,000-book Baroque library, but also exceptional stories of, for example, Albanian Queen Geraldine Apponyi, American dancer Josephine Baker, and Thomas Cardeza, who survived the sinking of the Titanic. Let these stories be told at Chateau Apponyi.

A tip from the Trenčín region: A newly renovated manor house with a modern exhibition

Draškovič’s manor house in Čachtice underwent a complete reconstruction and, from April 22, 2024, is reopened to the public. A new exhibition dedicated to Elizabeth Báthory, viticulture, Haban ceramics, and aristocratic housing culture is being prepared.

Holiday in Slovakia
The Wedding Palace in Bytča, author: SLOVAKIA TRAVEL

A tip from the Žilina region: Architectural uniqueness of a palatine

Did you know the palatine Juraj Thurzo had a palace built directly for his daughters’ wedding receptions? The Wedding Palace in Bytča, with its beautiful sgraffito decoration, is an original Renaissance building in Central Europe. The permanent exhibition will detail the story of the Renaissance palatine.

Tip from the Banská Bystrica Region: Interactive exhibition about a historical personality, city and region

The Thurzo House in Banská Bystrica is an exceptional architectural gem. The exposition of the Transhistory region of Banská Bystrica is equally representative. It will introduce you to the history of the house, the city, and the region in an interactive way.

Holiday in Slovakia
The Thurzo House in Banská Bystrica, author: Ladislav Struhar

Tip from the Košice Region: Escape room in the birth house of Francis II. Rákóczi?

The renovated Rákoczi Borša manor house in Borša in the Trebišov area is full of experiences. In the birthplace of Count Francis II, you can experience virtual reality, panoramic projection, and the original escape room.

Tip from the Prešov region: Stay in a historic monastery

The Red Monastery’s history dates back to 1320. In the monastery complex, you will discover several remarkable buildings and learn about the story of the legendary monk Cyprian. You can also visit a shop selling handmade souvenirs and monastic herbs. And if you are exhausted from many experiences, just book a monastic accommodation.

Holiday in Slovakia
The Red Monastery, author: KOCR Severovýchod Slovenska

Text: Evka Vašková