Later and Less Formal – Let’s Have Brunch


How about a cup of coffee without the hassle? Or a nice drink in a pleasant atmosphere?

Would you like to try a little bit of everything and choose from various savory and sweet breakfast menus? And all this after a good night’s sleep, uninterrupted by the alarm clock that is literally in the exclusive time between breakfast and lunch? Then accept the invitation to brunch.

In English, the morning meal is breakfast, and the noon is lunch. In between, it’s just brunch. So far, about the language and now what brunch is. It is mainly about tasty food and a pleasant social event. So how does it work?


… “The brunch concept originated as a rich breakfast between morning and noon, where diverse breakfast meals are served: eggs, waffles, pancakes, smoothie bowls, French toasts, croissants, spreads, and much more. Drinks usually consist of sparkling wine with orange juice or peach puree – Mimosa and Bellini, vodka with tomato juice – Bloody Mary. Non-alcoholic beverages, fresh juices, teas, and a lot of coffee,” says  Renata Hečková, aka Kolachella and Soňa Mikulíková, who are behind the brunch_bratislava project.

As they commented, brunch can be served as a choice of food a la carte or as a buffet.

“Brunch is the concept of the so-called ‘lazy and slow morning. We enjoy it, especially during the weekend when there is plenty of time for it.”


Friends Renata and Soňa from brunch_bratislava remind us that it is an opportunity to enjoy slowing down after a busy week, meeting friends, or dating. Sometimes these events are accompanied by music, which ideally complements the relaxing – ‘chill’ – atmosphere.

 Jakub Abrahám, the coach of social etiquette, also sees Brunch as a pleasant event: “Of course, it is part of the dining. But if we look at it through etiquette, it is the same type of event as a business lunch or breakfast. It gives us a more relaxed atmosphere. Unlike a long dinner.”

As an expert on etiquette, he reminds us that brunch may surprise us with food that is heartier or unfamiliar. In this case, he recommends “going for sure” and not experimenting at such an event. For example, according to Jakub, sandwiches are ideal in one bite.


So, we are ready for the brunch menu. Let’s say we already know what to eat at brunch, but what to wear? Is there a dress code? “I would like to correct the impression that brunch is very formal. It is associated with informal dining, which means that even in the business environment, more relaxed rules apply—business casual. I want to remind you that a jacket is always a staple, ideally in light colors. Brunch is also closely related to summer and outdoor dining. Therefore men can feel tempted to hang their jackets on the chair. Remember to do it only when we request permission from the ladies and gentlemen around us.” According to Jakub, the reason is apparent. A man’s shirt is his underwear. In this case, we would probably agree that underwear is best only at home.

So, dear gentlemen, find the best and most comfortable jacket in your closet. Ladies, choose your favorite dress but not the one for the theater. And spend some time with your partner, friends, or colleagues. But do not look at the time! Enjoy a good meal and lovely company at brunch.

Text: Eva Vašková, photo:, brunch_bratislava