The “Key” to a Stylish Outfit


Fashion without matching would probably not even be fashion. We know which apparels match, but so do professionals. The style maker opts for individualism. The social etiquette expert has no problem with trends but also reminds you of the rules.

Does the shirt match the pants? And does this jacket go with these shoes? We choose what looks right and feels good. This is also important for Marcela Jurigová, a stylist who adds that the right combination consists of elements that harmonize with us. “While some will feel comfortable in laid-back neutral colors and combinations, others need more contrast and brightness. Some people like classic style, others extravagant. The right combination is the one that matches on the outside and the inside.”


The personalized approach is vital for stylists who advise their clients. “I consider what characterizes a person, what colors or designs suit them. And, of course, when choosing a specific outfit, I also perceive the overall balance. For example, if a woman chooses a loose blouse, it is not advisable to choose wide trousers.” As she added, length plays a significant role. For example, if a woman does not want to draw attention to her hips, the length of the jacket should not end at the widest part. “Monochromatic clothes generally do not draw as much attention as patterns. Sometimes you just have to change one thing, such as length or cut, and we already feel different.”

The style maker says you can easily commit an error when combining too many pieces. What suits one may not fit the other. “The outfit has to be in harmony. And with us too.”


Marcela adds more details and selects a few exciting tips. If women are charmed by the color of the year Viva Magenta, it is good to combine it with neutral colors – brown, beige, or gray. “It will go great with light pink and yellow tones. And you can enrich it with green shades too. Fine-tune the distinctive magenta dress with a green coat and brown shoes.”

 There is also a lot of orange in stores today. According to the stylist, warm color types can use it to their advantage. This color of creativity can be combined with beige or brown tones.

We can also wear it if we want to “follow” the social etiquette. As Jakub Abraham, the etiquette and men’s fashion coach, says: “There are no limits to your imagination. Just don’t forget about the details; less is sometimes more.”


Jakub reminds us that men’s fashion is also evolving, and you should not “close your eyes” to trends. “As a young person, I also understand new stylish elements in men’s fashion. But as an expert on etiquette, I emphasize that it is always necessary to consider where we are going and with whom. This also applies to such trends as sneakers for men’s suits.”

The etiquette expert says the key to the right combination of outfits for men is to consider a type of event. “It’s always true that more serious social occasions require a traditional, albeit conservative, style.”

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: