The Greenest Countries in the World


If we want to leave a clean environment for future generations, we must protect nature and the ecosystems.

While some countries do not care about biodiversity protection, others prioritize ecology. Which countries are at the top of the list of top eco-friendly countries?

Leading Scandinavia

The Scandinavian countries are at the top of the most ecological countries in the world. At a time when environmental issues are increasingly resonating in the world, individual countries are competing, which will be the most ecological one. They invest in sustainable resources, reduce emissions, and gradually move towards a sustainable economy. They also emphasize the use of sustainable transport. Sweden rightly leads the most environmentally friendly countries in the world, together with the neighboring Denmark and Switzerland.


The studies consider Sweden the greenest country in the world. The Nordic country is currently taking all steps to improve air quality as much as possible. It has clear targets on how to reduce greenhouse gases and emissions. Sweden has pledged to be fossil-free by 2045 and entirely use renewables. The country is currently a leader in sustainability, and its policy focuses on protecting the environment and promoting ecological technologies.


One of the greenest countries in Europe – Denmark is known for high taxes but also a high standard of living and unspoiled natural landscapes. Most of Denmark’s territory occupies wind farms, which provide household energy. The country also wants to gradually move to more sustainable forms of transport, especially electric cars and bicycles, which are extremely popular in Denmark. It also ensures that green areas in cities do not disappear, recycles water, but also for protects the marine system. Denmark is a typical eco country that we should take as an example.



The typically mountainous Switzerland is known not only for its excellent chocolate but also for its breathtaking nature. It also stands out for being among the ecologically-aware countries that protect their natural heritage. The Swiss preserve and are proud of the mountain environment and virgin nature. The environmental dimension of the country lies mainly in the protection of wild species, climate, and also sources of drinking water. Switzerland has also reduced the use of chemical pesticides and sees sense in reforesting the country.


Text: Michaela Miňová, photo: