Stylish and Practical Outfits for Rainy Days


Rainy weather is typical for the fall season. Therefore, you should arm yourself with clothes that will protect you from getting soaking wet during this period. Rubber boots and raincoats are must-haves in your fall closet!

Practical and Stylish

Rain outfits are no longer only about being practical. Recently, they have become a stylish part of the fall closets. If you want to look trendy during fall and not get wet simultaneously, reach for a raincoat, rubberized parka, umbrella, and boots. You can take the raincoat off after a downpour and continue your everyday activities in dry clothes. However, a rubberized parka can fully replace outerwear. You can wear it instead of a transitional jacket, trench coat, or jacket.


Patterns and Colors

Are rain outfits dull and colorless? This year’s fashion will show you the opposite. Bold colors and diverse patterns in various crazy combinations are in. A waterproof coat, preferably in colors that will chase away the gloomy weather, is undoubtedly a part of the perfect fall combo. Opt for cheerful yellow, green, red, or pink. Single colors can be combined on one piece or the whole outfit. However, this season’s absolute favorite is the transparent coat, complemented by large pockets, distinctive hems, or a hood. Playful personalities can also reach for holographic raincoats.


Safe and Dry

When choosing rain gear, do not forget about shoes, which should be comfortable but functional at the same time. Nowadays, rubber boots no longer look ugly. They have narrower shapes and exquisite patterns; some even have a heel to replace elegant shoes for work. For more daring rubber boots models, there are refined details such as sequins, lacing, or even platforms. The rubber boots on the platform, in white and black colors, are trendy this season!

OutfitA Must-have Accessory

An umbrella should be in your handbag or backpack in the fall. If you do not want to keep it in your hand all the time, get a practical folding model. You can also choose from different umbrella designs. There are plenty to choose from. Abstract patterns, funny graphics, as well as romantic prints are trendy. An umbrella is an accessory that complements and brightens your fall outfit in rainy weather.

Text: Michaela Miňová, photo:,