Let’s “Dress” Our Homes for the Fall Season


Have you already added a lovely blanket to your bedroom? Have you already put a scented candle on the chest of drawers? Have you already replaced the “cheerful” decorative pillows in the living room with those in more natural colors? So you have already welcomed fall in the interior. Would you like to get inspired by an interior designer or a handmade creator?

Fall is colorful, but it enjoys earthy colors. It is the season of colder sunny days that are pushing us to stay at home even more. And it is the interior we want to have a little more pleasant during this period. Daniela Mazurová, the interior designer, says: “The interior is constantly undergoing changes throughout the year. It adapts to our different needs and utilization during all four seasons. It is influenced by a change in the daily routine and the time we spend indoors or using other rooms, etc.”

The interior changes with us throughout the year, and as the designer says, it is good to consider it when furnishing and include our different needs in interior planning.


Both interior design and fall “work” with colors, but how? Daniela Mazúrová sees it clearly: “In the fall, I recommend including warm colors in the interior, which will make the space cozy and give it a homely atmosphere.”

Monika Romaníková, a producer of handmade accessories such as blankets, quilts, tablecloths, and pillows, would advise you very similarly. According to her, natural colors look elegant and soothing. “Yellow, green, orange, and brown are the colors we automatically associate the fall with. However, if we want our home to look soft, not lively, with such rich colors, let’s try light shades of green. For example, sage, mint or avocado. With wooden furniture and accessories, it’s a very relaxing combination.”


Now that we know which colors to pick, the designer also adds materials that she would definitely include. Wool, fur, or velvet will be a smart and attractive choice.

Honestly, can you imagine a cozy atmosphere without various blankets, pillows, and pouffes, but also, for example, small lamps? The interior designer doesn’t either, so she mentions these interior accessories during a long, chilly fall dinner in the home environment. And this is clearly the strength of the handmade creator, who also produces wooden pouffes with knitted tops and quilts for beds or knitted, less traditional table runners with placemats. Basically, she needs skilled hands and thick cotton strings.


“When it comes to interior decoration, let’s not be afraid to work with jute, sisal, or flax to add a beautiful, rural touch to your interior, which is currently in,” Romaníková added. She agrees with the interior designer Daniela Mazúrová that the typical pumpkins should not be omitted: “In the fall, I would advise beautifying the interior with vases of dried flowers and grasses. Let’s finish it with candles and, of course, the tasteful and stylish Halloween decorations. All this will make our longer evenings indoors more pleasant.”

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: pexels.com