High-quality Mission


The E&G management is convinced that to stay successful for a long time, the following pillars are very important:

  1. Competent and responsible people in Operations and Engineering
  2. Continuous improvement mindset
  3. Absolute customer focus by every E&G employee
  4. Stable processes as the basis for sustainable quality and performance delivery


E&G would like to stay or become the supplier of choice for its existing or new customers by aiming to improve these areas. E&G focuses on offering its products and services to customers who are best-in-class in their respective market niches and looking for long-term partnerships with their suppliers.


The Quality Policy must ensure that the above pillars are embedded in the organization’s culture, its processes, and its daily way of working. This leads to the delivery of the requested product or service according to the agreed specification, quality, delivery time, and price. “Enabled by People, Processes, and Technology, driven by the Customer”

The Management of E&G commits clearly and unanimously to:

  • Apply proper resources to develop the policy at all necessary levels in the company
  • Comply with the requirements of and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System


The year 2024 should advance us in the innovative processing of profiles by 3D cutting and machining of oversized parts for the railway industry. www.eisenstahl.sk

Text and photo: PR