Try Walking Fast

Try Walking Fast

It is a good idea to get in shape in spring. Are there too many people in the gym, and does running give you a hard time? So, try walking—but a speedy one. Fast walking will charge you with energy and make you more creative.

The advantage of fast walking is that you do not have to practice before. You can also be a professional athlete, and it always “works.” Alex Gazda, a personal trainer, agrees that it is an advantage, compared to running, even in a lower risk of injury. “When walking fast, most people are able to concentrate on correct hitting the ground, posture and breathing.”

As an experienced personal trainer, he knows we can practice it more often than running or other sports. “When I recommend running three times a week, there is usually an excuse why it can’t be done. If I say the same thing about fast walking, it will be much easier for clients.”

Try Walking Fast

According to Gazda, fast walking also increases heart rate, strengthens the whole body, and improves breathing and blood flow. However, it can also help fix incorrect walking.

“Be sure to watch your feet and knees from the beginning. They’re supposed to go right. In other words, the knee should point forward in front of you, and the tip of the foot should follow the direction of the knee.”

But it will only work with good shoes. The trainer advises us to choose shoes according to the type of tread. A different type is needed for pronation, i.e., excessive internal treading, and a different kind for supination, external treading. “The second factor is that the sneakers are designed for the specific walking surface. Don’t buy shoes for concrete when you go into the woods. It really matters.”

Try Walking Fast

Well, a little warm-up is a must whether you go jogging, swimming, cycling, or for a quick walk. “Treat yourself to a few minutes of static stretching, for example, before and after a fast walk.” Gazda also recommends joining someone, as it is more fun in a group. On the other hand, if we perceive stagnation, let’s try to change the area for fast walking or the length of this activity.

Movement is a medicine for body and soul, and according to Dušan Fábik, a psychologist, the regular one is very beneficial. “It even alleviates symptoms of psychological distress and supports our cognitive functions. It can help with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Fábik sees the most success in a relaxed mind. If we “turn off our heads” during the exercise, it can also help us mentally. “It is closely related to the fact that the selected sport should be natural and pleasant. If someone is uncomfortable running and likes to walk, they will do more for their mental hygiene when hiking than on the cross-country track.”

Try Walking Fast

After such a walk, you may feel relaxed but also creative. Fábik’s 2014 study results show that “walking increases creativity by up to 60% in people. At the same time, we can easily incorporate it into everyday life, for example, in schools or work environments.”

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: