Harmony Is Essential. Sleep and the Interior as Well.


Doctors, psychologists, and coaches have many tips on how to improve your sleep. But what would you say if an interior designer and expert in the traditional Chinese art of energy – Feng Shui – helped you sleep more comfortably and valuably? Good sleep isn’t only about positioning your bed.

Yes, the bed is a key element of the bedroom but when remodeling or furnishing the interior, it determines what else should be added. “It’s a very personalized piece of furniture. And so is the bedroom. We usually opt for individual or double or twin beds. which makes it different from furnishing other social spaces,” says Daniela Mazúrová, an interior designer. The bedroom can reveal the owner’s style and taste, she adds.


In practice, it may seem that the living room is in a comfortable Scandinavian style, but the bedroom breathes with exotic land or boho fashion. “It happens that the bedroom is in a completely different style than the interior of the entire household. However, in general, for example in the case of the beds, upholstered and massive beds are popular.”

At the same time, she recalled the key rule when placing the bed. It should be as far away from the bedroom entrance as possible. “I recommend situating the headboard next to a solid wall. Definitely not under the window. A solid wall behind the bed should promote a good night’s sleep.”

BedThis rule also confirms Slavomíra Harcegová, who is devoted to professional knowledge and work with Chinese feng shui. “Feng Shui is primarily about the flow of energy which should also work in the bedroom. Specifically, at the bedside, its flow can be supported by a bed with legs, for example. The very open space under the bed creates an impression of airiness. We should also perceive the power of colors. Bold colors do not allow a person to completely relax. Muted, earthy or pastel tones will tone it down. Green color supplies vitality. A small red detail is enough to support the partner’s passion.”

Slávka also mentioned mattresses as one of the basic principles that can help us improve the atmosphere of the bedroom interior. Spring mattresses are a bad choice. Within the feng shui, their spiral shape improperly directs the energy flow. The certified feng shui coach also says that the bed itself should be wooden, without unnecessary metal elements. We should avoid a design with sharp edges. You should opt for fabric upholstery and pay attention to what we “hide” under the bed. It does not include anything that is not associated with sleep, but also no sharp objects.

BedThe coach also mentions a significant thing in the case of the multifunctionality of the bedroom. It can also serve as an office, a gym, etc. In this case, Slávka advises separating such a part of the bedroom in a certain way from the rest. You can use a division or cover-up.

“If you want some plants for the bedroom, it is a good idea to choose green-leaved, and not strongly fragrant flowers. Most often we choose photos as accessories. Here it is good to choose explicitly personalized images. If it’s a couple’s bedroom, it’s just their photos, even without the kids. If we choose a painting for the bedroom, the one that attracts us evokes positive feelings. Our imagination can also work in dreams and influence them.” As the coach added, if we choose concepts should be harmonious.

The bedroom is certainly about the dreams but from the point of view of the interior about the details. The interior designer points to their importance. Whether it’s decorating a brand new bedroom or transforming it. “Textiles, curtains, quilts, pillows, all of this should be in harmony with the chosen style,” the designer added.

Text: Eva Vašková, photo: pexels.com